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Accelerated Reader  

Dear Parents, 


     Your student should ALWAYS have an AR book and should read EVERY NIGHT. 


     Accelerated Reader is a program that measures student reading comprehension growth.  Once they have finished a book, students take a quiz on it to demonstrate how much they remember of what they read.  AR quiz grades are used for points in  ELA classes.  

     We encourage all students to get an 80 percent or higher on their AR quizzes, and the library offers AR dollars to all students who achieve this. We give:

80%=1 AR Dollar

90%=2 AR Dollars

100%=3 AR Dollars

    AR Dollars can be redeemed at the AR Store in the Library on Mondays. Students can purchase headphones, books, candy, book marks, and other goodies. 


Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist your child's journey as a reader! 



Mr. Kimball

Useful Links


Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Click here to access your student's Accelerated Reader scores.  To login, use your student's AR username and password.  

An explanation of Home Connect can be found here. 


AR Book Finder

Click here to find out if a book is Accelerated Reader.  You can also find out the book's reading level and the number of points it's worth.

When may your student come to the library?

Before School 

We open every morning at 6:50 and students are encouraged to come to the library to check out books, and take AR quizzes. Dismissal to homeroom is 7:05.

With Their ELA Classes

Students come every four weeks with their ELA classes. 

With a Hall Pass

Students are welcome to come during class if they have finished their work and have a pass from their teacher. 

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