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This summer, each incoming Southeast Middle School student will be expected to read two Louisiana Young Reader's Choice books: 

One required of the required books from their grade level

One personal choice book from the LYRC list, which can be found here

6th & 7th Grade Required Books

6th & 7th Grade Required Books

Incoming 6th and 7th Graders are required to choose between one of the following two books for their summer reading assignment:

Surrounded by Sharks

Tired of being crammed into a tiny hotel room with his mom, dad, and brother, Davey Tsering escapes early one morning to a secluded beach, not bothering to leave a note for his sleeping family. 


Davey heads for the most deserted part of the beach.  There’s a “No Swimming” sign posted, but the water is just too beautiful to resist. When he decides to step in, his whole world changes.


What would you do if you found yourself alone in the ocean, caught in a riptide with no one knowing where you are or that you're surrounded by sharks?


Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere

Being a ten-year-old is going to be awesome. As the oldest of the kids in her family, Armani knows that getting older is synonymous with gaining more responsibility, learning new things, and, having more fun. She has already sent out invitations for her party and seen her presents waiting to be opened.


Armani lives with her family in a New Orleans community where hurricanes are certainly not a new concept. Still no one expects it to be the worst hurricane to ever make landfall. Armani’s family doesn’t evacuate, and amidst the disaster around her, Armani finds that turning ten might not be what she imagined. Is there any hope that her life will be the same again?

8th Grade Required Books

Incoming 8th Graders are required to choose between one of the following two books for their summer reading assignment:

The Crossover

This is the story of a set of twins, middle school basketball stars who are coached by their dad, a former NBA player. The boys are equally talented and work well together, but when a new girlfriend begins to split them apart, feelings of anger and jealousy develop. The novel, written in verse, emphasizes brotherhood and family bonds and has an unexpected ending that will shock the reader.


Saving Lucas Biggs

When Margaret O’Malley’s father is framed for murder and sentenced to death, she is prepared to do anything to prove his innocence. Thanks to her family inheritance, the ability to time travel, she feels certain she can discover and then change the beginning of the problem. However, she is more than a little surprised to find that in order to save her father, she must first save Lucas Biggs, the judge who sentenced him to death.

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