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Cougar Book Review: The Notebook of Doom: Rise of the Balloon Goons

This story is about this kid named Alexander Bopp. Alexander moved and he was scared of three things 1. spending his first night in a new house. 2. Going to a new school and 3 Having to make new friends. Alexander saw a balloon guy and it was at a dinner so Alexander and his dad went to the place. Before Alexander got out of the car the balloon guy hit the the front of the car. Alexander jumped and covered his eyes. Alexander's dad said" You're jumpy today Al that's just a big bag of air. "I know said Alexander uncovering his eyes. "In fact, said his dad " we should be happy to see this goony-balloony. Otherwise we might have missed this dinner". He made a dopey face and wiggled his fingers at the balloon figure. Thanks, balloon goon! Alexander Smiled. Then they walked in. Alexander's birthday was coming up so his dad put party invntations in his bag, then Alexander noticed that the balloon goons was gone. If you want to know the rest of the book. "The Note Book Of Doom! Rise Of The Balloon Goons.

by Montrell M.


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